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Shanghai Baijin Chemical Group Co. Ltd.

Address: Floor 26, No. 707, Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai City

Domestic sales service hotline: 021-58365862

24 after-sale service hotline: 021-58365862

24h service line for safety and environmental protection: 021-58359999 15021914890

24h service line for complaint: 021-58365884 15921774428

International Trade Department

Products: carbon disulfide, cotton pulp, bamboo pulp, dimethyl sulfoxide, β-propionic acid, viscose staple fiber, perlite, glacial acetic acid, formic acid, sodium formate and bamboo pulp

Direct line: 021-58359999-8807

Mobile phone: 15921774126

Facsimile: 021-58365863

Email: ct@www.thewheelsstillinspin.com

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