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On April 14, at the 2012 group leadership work reporting and appraisal meeting of Baijin Group held by board chairman Kong Qingran, in consideration of the new situation, new trend and new requirements of and on the development of Baijin and on basis of the expanding industrial scale and the increasingly enhanced process technologies, board chairman Kong Qingran brought forward the core values of “9 customization and 1 pursuit” (hereinafter referred to as “Core Values”) in order to realize the “Baijin Dream” for being “an enterprise with world-leading brand and administration”, smoothly implement the “5th five-year” Program in the key year and ensure the stable progress of “Year of Management, Year of Responsibility, Year of Benefit”, with details as follows:

Remember in mind to strengthen the “learning-based, service-based and innovation-based” core management team;

Painstakingly cultivate an excellent “knowledge-based, profession-based and creation-based” staff team;

Make great efforts to create an advanced “culture-based, technology-based and standard-based” company;

Keep pursuing the business values of Baijin “Benevolence, Honesty, Responsibility, Enterprising Heart”.

The issue of the “Core Values” indicates that the Company carries forward the strategic thought of “develop vigorously with culture” proposed in the work report of the board of directors 2012, reflects the cultural innovation philosophy of Baijin Group keeping pace with times and represents another major breakthrough and rise of the corporate culture of Baijin five years after the announcement and issue of the “Six Major Work Criteria” for officers by Mr. Kong Qingran in April 2008. In essence, the “Core Values” and the “Six Major Work Criteria” come down in one continuous line and depend on each other. The “Core Values” not only not only extends the traditional Confucian thought and the essence of the culture of Shanxi merchants, but also fully demonstrates the inherent, unique, unique code of conduct and spirit of Baijin Group itself and the guiding thought for the staff of Baijin to keep continuous progress, continuous improvement and constant transcendence.

Souvenir Photo Taken at the Meeting for Summarization of the Plan for the 1st Half of 2015 and the Observation and Learning of the Formal Operation of Jinhong



July 13, 2015

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